PowerTools For
Sage Abra HRMS:

PowerTools for Sage Abra HRMS - Turn up the power of Sage Abra!
PowerTools for Sage Abra HRMS
    - Turn up the Power of Sage Abra

PowerTools for Sage Abra were developed to expand Sage Abra's capabilities. They can make Sage Abra faster, easier to use, and more powerful.

With many years of Sage Abra expertise, Infisoft Software knows Sage Abra inside and out. As one of the first Sage Software Certified Custom Studio Developers, we've put this expertise to work in building these tools.

Are you ready to boost the functionality of your Sage Abra System? Let our products make Sage Abra more powerful for you and your clients.

Attendance Calendar - For Sage Abra HRMS

View employee absences for an entire year!  Print attendance calendars for a single employee, a range of org levels, all employees, active only, all employers, or specific employers.  Choose your start date (fiscal years work fine!).  Attendance reason legends are customizable by employer, or use absence reason codes as they exist in Abra.

CleanGL - Sage Abra HRMS General Ledger Export File Cleanup

Save a set of criterion to make mass adjustments to Sage Abra’s prGLPost file, the file that contains Journal Entry data to be exported to a GL system. For a range of heck dates, change the value of any field in prGLPost based on the value of any other field(s) in the file. Sage Abra's standard GL allocation features work fine for consistent accounts. CleanGL makes it easy to deal with the inconsistencies that almost always exist.


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