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"Our purchase of CrystalRox is some of the best money ever spent. We have a complex report that was taking over 3 days to run. So we turned to CrystalRox. The software took less than five minutes to download and install, and then it optimized our report so that now it runs in about 30 minutes!"

- Dir. of Accounting Services,
  Non-profit Organization
CrystalRox - Run Crystal Reports in Sage Abra in a Fraction of the Time
- Run Crystal Reports in Sage Abra in a fraction of the time.

Due to the way in which Windows ODBC and OLE-DB technology accesses data, it is quite common for many Abra users to experience significant issues in performance with Crystal Reports.

These performance issues can become very pronounced with larger payroll clients. Reports written against payroll history often  take more than 30 minutes to run and with larger sets of data it is possible for a report to even take days to run!

With CrystalRox you can run Crystal Reports in Sage Abra in a small fraction of the time that they took before. CrystalRox dramatically increases the speed at which your Sage Abra data is returned into a Crystal Report, virtually eliminating these performance issues.
CrystalRox allows a user to:
  • Immediately update source data files to improve performance without using Sage Abra’s “Reindex Files” utility. These updates are referred to as “CrystalRox Indexes.” 
  • Add the new CrystalRox Indexes into Sage Abra’s data dictionary so that Sage Abra maintains them in an ongoing fashion.
  • Easily remove CrystalRox Indexes that are no longer used.
  • Easily restore all of your CrystalRox Indexes after a Sage Abra Quarterly Update.

      Do you ever have to wait for a report to run in Sage Abra?
      Then you should try CrystalRox!

      Download your own free trial version of CrystalRox today!

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