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PowerLine Business Partners

Infisoft Software has developed a variety of software programs to enhance Sage Abra HRMS. Certified Sage Abra HRMS Resellers across the nation are qualified to represent and install the PowerLine products.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about these products or go to the download area for an evaluation version.  Additional information is also available at the private Business Partner page.  Contact us for more information.

PowerPCS - Position Control Software
Position Control has never been easier!  Use PowerPCS in conjunction with Sage Abra to handle all of your employee and position tracking needs.

PowerFlex - Flexible Spending Account Administration Software
Tired of paying those TPA fees?  Our Flexible Spending Account software has been called "too easy!"  Spend a few minutes a month administering your own FSA plan and save big bucks on third party administrator fees!

Attendance Calendar
View employee absences for an entire year! Prints as a calendar.

Verify payroll QTD and YTD balancing in seconds!

Save a set of criterion to make mass adjustments to Sage Abra's prGLPost file, the file that contains Journal Entry data to be exported to a GL System.

Run Crystal reports in Sage Abra in a small fraction of the time that they took before!

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