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Sage Abra HRMS:
Keeping Sage Abra in balance has never been this easy!
- Keeping Sage Abra HRMS in balance has never been this easy.

An out of balance situation in Sage Abra can be caused by any number of factors. Regardless of who is at fault, the numbers need to balance before a quarter is closed. Correcting an out of balance situation is usually pretty easy. The hard part, of course, is figuring out who is out of balance and why. That's where BalancingAct comes in.

Verify QTD and YTD balancing in seconds! BalancingAct verifies that your payroll information is in balance. Detailed reporting identifies possible discrepancies for easy resolutions.
Balance as often as you want - even daily - and problems are identified immediately, when it's easiest to determine the cause. The end result: fewer problems and the end to countless hours of manual balancing.

Now featuring:
  • Automatic Notification of out-of-balance situations
  • Automatically email alerts to up to 10 addresses
  • Advanced Recovery Option for rebuilding QTD and YTD balances

Client Comments:

"BalancingAct is used after each payroll and can quickly lead you to a specific problem for a specific employee allowing for a quick fix. It definitely saves us numerous hours of work at the end of each quarter and gives me the confidence to know that my payroll is in balance. I would highly recommend this software."

       - HR Manager, Industrial Chemical Company

"BalancingAct saves our company many hours of manual balancing during our quarter end close. It works great and we highly recommend this product."

       - Payroll Manager, Health Care Center

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