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   - Keeping Sage Abra HRMS in balance has never been this easy.

An out of balance situation in Abra can be caused by any number of factors. Regardless of who is at fault, your Abra data needs to balance before a quarter is closed. Correcting an out of balance situation is usually easy. The hard part, of course, is figuring out who is out of balance and why. That's where BalancingAct comes in.

BalancingAct verifies that your payroll information is in balance in seconds. Detailed reporting identifies possible discrepancies for easy resolutions. Balance as often as you want, and problems are identified immediately - when it's easiest to determine the cause and make adjustments. The end result: fewer problems and the end of countless hours of manual balancing.

Balancing Made Easy

There is a long list of things that can create an out of balance situation in Abra, and when that happens every payroll accountant knows the drill:
  • print lots of reports
  • set up a spreadsheet
  • plug in your numbers
  • spend countless hours reviewing the numbers to figure out who is out of balance and why
  • …and don’t forget the aspirin.
BalancingAct - Keeping Sage Abra in balance has never been this easy!

BalancingAct will put an end to the countless hours, headaches, and hair loss that accompany balancing your month, quarter, or year-end. When an out of balance situation occurs you’ll know who is out of balance in seconds, not hours. You also know exactly what earning, deduction, or tax is out of balance, and the exact amount. Reports show the exceptions, including the QTD and YTD balances per Abra, the right balances, and the out of balance amount.

So easy you can verify your balances while you’re sleeping

Simply schedule BalancingAct to run any time of the day or night, and you will immediately be notified via email or onscreen messaging if a problem exists. In zero minutes, zero clicks, and with zero headaches you will know who is out of balance, and how much, allowing a quick fix to the problem.
Automatic Notification does all the work for you

Schedule BalancingAct to run on a regular basis to consistently monitor your Abra dataset. An Email alert can automatically be sent to up to 10 addresses when out of balance situations are noticed, or to confirm that the system is in balance! If there's a problem, not only will a message on your screen will let you know, but all concerned parties can be instantly notified! 100% automation – install BalancingAct and check your emails, that’s all there is to it.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day you just hired your own personal payroll assistant. Now you can sit back, relax, and let BalancingAct put an end to your balancing nightmare!

BalancingAct makes identifying out-of-balance employees a snap.

BalancingAct is as easy as 1-2-3. Here's how it works.
  1. Simply download and install BalancingAct.

  2. Visit the "Configuration" panel to indicate any non-taxable earnings and pretax deductions in Abra (you can find these in your Abra system under "Tax Codes").

  3. Click on "Detail Balancing." BalancingAct automatically adds any indexes that may be required to enhance performance, analyzes your employees, and delivers an on-screen prompt indicating your data's status. For more detail, print one of our detailed reports to show the status of all employees, or just those employees that are out of balance.

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Comprehensive evaluation

Automate detailed reconciliation (historical details compared to QTD/YTD earning, deduction, or tax withholding balances), detailed wage balancing (historical details balanced against QTD/YTD taxable wages) or summary balancing (QTD/YTD wages and deductions balanced against QTD/YTD taxable wages). Schedule all three to run in seconds, every single night, and you’ll know immediately if there is an out of balance situation.

Here's what some current BalancingAct Clients say:

"BalancingAct is used after each payroll and can quickly lead you to a specific problem for
a specific employee allowing for a quick fix. It definitely saves us numerous hours of work
at the end of each quarter and gives me the confidence to know that my payroll is in balance.
I would highly recommend this software."

     ~ HR Manager, Industrial Chemical Company

"BalancingAct saves our company many hours of manual balancing during our quarter
end close. It works great and we highly recommend this product."

     ~ Payroll Manager, Health Care Center

"With BalancingAct I can quickly identify and correct any issues."

     ~ Payroll Manager, Vehicular Manufacturing Company
BalancingAct - Keeping Sage Abra in balance has never been this easy!

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