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About Position Control

Position control refers to a system of tracking information based on positions rather than employees. It allows you to create a framework of positions for all the jobs within your company without regard to whether you currently have an incumbent in a specific job or not.  

Each position has its own unique ID (position number) and is an entity separate from the incumbent(s) in that position. Information about the position can be tracked over time regardless of changes to the incumbents’ history, FTE distribution, termination, or other elements. This allows for position history tracking separate from the changes within incumbents. Positions can be tracked even when there are no incumbents to fill specific positions.

Using position control, budgets and analyses are based on positions rather than employees. Positions are approved for budgeting periods and must be tracked whether or not they are filled. By defining a budgeted cost for each position, incumbent costs can be compared against those budgeted for the position. As incumbents grow and change jobs within an organization, their job title, salary and other attributes also tend to change. But the position the incumbent was in probably still exists and maintains its budgeted cost independently from the changes to the incumbent(s) that have spent time in that position.

Position Control also gives maximum flexibility for distribution of FTEs (Full Time Equivalents) - partially or as a whole. Multiple incumbents can be fully or partially assigned to a single position. Conversely an incumbent can be partially assigned (job sharing) to multiple positions.

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