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PowerPCS - Position Control Software for Sage Abra HRMS
PowerPCS - Position Control Software for any HRMS database

Position Control refers to the requirements of many industries to standardize on Positions, rather than employees, when tracking employment and budgeting data. Positions have many properties that distinguish them from one another. A few of the many examples are Position number, job title, salary grade, budgeted salary, budgeted full time equivalents, start dates and stop dates.

By tracking these characteristics and comparing them to the actual employees (incumbents) who fill the positions, an organization can accurately and easily see employment/vacancy levels, filled/partially filled/over filled/vacant positions, actual salaries vs. budgeted salaries, organizational structures, projected salary expense for upcoming periods, and much more information that simply isn't available in Employee Based Systems.

PowerPCS brings the power and flexibility of Windows based position control systems to middle market organizations at a reasonable price. Customers who have researched the available software agree: comparable software is not available for triple the price.

PowerPCS provides solid integration with any HRMS database.

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Business Partner Comments:

PowerPCS gives Abra HRMS the position control features that our not-for-profit clients demand."     - Mark Dresser, President, Dresser & Associates

"All of our PowerPCS clients are thrilled with the ease of use of the system and the Abra integration."   - Judy Gach, Managing Consultant, SSI Consulting

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