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PowerPCS - Position Control Software for Sage Abra HRMS

Maintaining positions is easy with PowerPCS. All aspects of comprehensive position based management, from initial setup, to adding incumbents, to tracking history, are streamlined in PowerPCS. Based on permanent, unique position numbers, PowerPCS makes it effortless to track the budgeting, planning and employee data that is associated with each position.

Common Users
  • Health Care Organizations

  • Government Units

  • Large Manufacturers

Abra Integration
  • Use Abra's employees, organizational levels, jobs, salary grades, EEO classifications, and more. These tables are maintained in Sage Abra for 100% consistency. Employee changes in Sage Abra are recorded in PowerPCS, and required history records are created automatically!

Detail FTE and Budget Data
  • FTEs (full time equivalents) measure the number of full time employees (incumbents) that would be required to satisfy the duties of a position. Track pay frequency, budgeted hours, budgeted pay rates, and budgeted annual cost for each position.

Detailed Status Tracking
  • Track a position’s current status, whether vacant, partially filled, filled, or overfilled. Choose whether a position is active or inactive; funded or unfunded.

Detailed Date Analysis
  • Track established, available, ending and current status dates.

Track Vacancy Statistics
  • Track the number of times that a position has been vacant, the total time vacant, and the average vacancy.

Multiple Position Groupings
  • Define up to three group levels in addition to Sage Abra’s existing five organizational levels.
PowerPCS - Position Control Software for Sage Abra HRMS

Multiple Incumbents per Position, Multiple Positions per Incumbent

Track User Defined Data
  • For position data that is specific to your organization, track up to six user defined items. Each incumbent can be assigned up to four user defined criterion.

Unlimited History Tracking
  • Changes to a position or to an incumbent create detailed history records. Track an unlimited number of history records.

Detailed Reporting and Analysis
  • Fully ODBC compliant databases allow you to use your favorite reporting tools, including R&R, Crystal or Excel. The quick reference summary shows total positions, organized by active, funded and staffing status, as well as the number of active incumbents in your system. Standard reports include vacancy analysis, budgeted vs. actual analysis, position details, incumbent details, and much more.

  • PowerPCS is written utilizing Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Software's powerful database oriented programming language. Using this industry standard language assures you that your data is available to other industry standard tools for reporting, analysis and interfacing. It gives users the assurance that PowerPCS will be easily upgradeable to evolving technologies as they become available.

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