PowerFlex TPA - Full FSA Plan Administration
PowerFlex TPA Features

PowerFlex TPA (Third Party Administrator) offers companies large and small an affordable,
easy way to take advantage of Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans. From plan setup to administration and reporting, PowerFlex TPA is the best choice for administering your
company's Flexible Spending Account plan.

Full FSA Plan Administration:
  • An affordable, cost-effective solution for your FSA needs.
  • Plan Documents included.
Flexibility and Control:
  • Accommodate both fiscal and calendar years as well as multiple payroll frequencies.
  • Bank account in your name so that you maintain full control over your plan's bank account.
  • Ability to bring your plan in-house with PowerFlex Software at any time - with full history.
Claim Verification:
  • Years of FSA experience allow us to impartially evaluate and adjudicate each claim following IRS regulations. 
  • Claim verification tracking to ensure that all claims:
    • are incurred during the selected plan year
    • are submitted before end of the grace period (process last year and current year simultaneously)
    • do not exceed the Plan Maximum or available balance
Regular Reimbursements:
  • Reimbursement checks processed monthly. Additional reimbursement options (bi-weekly, weekly) also available.
  • Check stubs include claim detail and plan summary information, including annual maximum and available balance.
  • The check reimbursement process allows for partial reimbursements so that dependent care reimbursements are limited to the available balance while keeping the remainder for the next check process. Amounts paid and remainders unpaid are fully documented on the employee's check stub.
Reporting Options:
  • Monthly plan reports provided to the employer. Reports can be provided in the format you want: print or electronic.
  • Custom reporting available to fulfill all of your informational needs.

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