PowerFlex, Flexible Spending Account Administration Software
PowerFlex Software Features

Taking control of Section 125 Flexible Spending Account Administration is a breeze with PowerFlex. With one easy to use program you can track payroll deductions, accumulate
qualifying expense claims, print employee reimbursement checks, and print detailed reports. PowerFlex functions independently or works in full integration with Sage Abra HRMS.

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Full FSA Plan Administration:
  • Administer FSA plans from start to finish - from Plan setup to Claims to Reimbursement Checks, PowerFlex does it all!
  • Data is maintained in one database, thereby eliminating synchronization headaches.
  • Easy administration of FSAs for multiple employers, multiple bank accounts, and multiple Plans.
  • Claim entry is a simple one screen procedure.
  • Plan history and current status are readily available or all participants.
  • Full automation and documentation of terminations and family status changes.
  • Dependent Care reimbursements to employee’s contributions-to-date, calculated and processed automatically.
Instant Information:
  • PowerFlex Software automatically updates and maintains plan information as you make changes– never wonder about
    a participant’s Plan Balance! It will always be up-to-date and easy to access.
  • Own and access your information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever having to worry about third party administration charges for extra reports.
  • Allows for easy viewing of participants and all plan information down to individual transaction details.
  • Effortless access to current and historical information. 
Intelligent Design:
  • PowerFlex Software features extensive claim verification tracking to ensure that all claims:
    • are incurred during the selected plan year
    • are submitted before end of the grace period (process last year and current year simultaneously)
    • do not exceed the Plan Maximum or available balance
    • are not duplicated
  • These verifications ensure transaction conformity to your FSA's parameters and IRS requirements.
Detailed Reporting:
  • Quick, easy access to information with our comprehensive set of standard reports.
  • Powerful built-in ad hoc reporting engine allows instantaneous access to a variety of up-to-date reports within seconds
    of inputting or printing claims.
  • Smooth integration with third party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports©, R&R Report Writer™, or Microsoft™
    Excel allows complete flexibility in accessing and analyzing your data.
Qualified Expense Reimbursement Checks:
  • Integrated check writing documents claim detail and plan summary information, including annual maximum and available balance, on the check stub.
  • PowerFlex Software's check reimbursement process allows for partial reimbursements. PowerFlex Software can automatically calculate and limit dependent care reimbursements to the available balance while keeping the remainder for the next check process. All with no effort or calculation on your part.
Abra Integration:
  • Sage Abra HRMS® integration allows employees to be pulled over and automatically updated from Abra.
  • Changes to employee demographics in Abra are automatically updated in PowerFlex.
  • Deduction setup is done once annually and includes deduction code setup/modification in Sage Abra Payroll.
Plan Year Calendars:
  • Plan Year Calendars minimize administrative work by allowing you to define an entire year’s payroll at one time.
  • Unlimited calendar setup accommodates both fiscal and calendar years as well as multiple payroll frequencies, eliminating individual pay period processing.
  • Flexible calendar setup lets you change Payroll dates mid-year.
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Main Screen Transaction List Transaction Details Claim Entry
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Check List Plan Class Setup Calendar Setup
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