PowerFlex - Flexible Spending Accounts with an Advantage
PowerFlex Software Advantages

PowerFlex Software was created with the vision of giving companies large and small an affordable, easy way to administer Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans in-house. It is designed to allow individual companies or Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to handle FSA administration with ease. PowerFlex Software was built from the ground up by CPAs and programmers that have extensive experience with IRS Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, as well as knowledge of the latest technologies. The end result is software with the features you need,
the power you want, and the user friendliness you deserve.

The PowerFlex Software Advantage:
  • An affordable, cost-effective solution to all your FSA needs.
  • One time software purchase -- no additional software charges, no continuous TPA administration fees, and in most cases no annual paperwork.
  • 100% return on investment in under 6 months!
  • Loads of features to make internal administration a breeze.
  • User-friendly software interface.
  • Instant access to all updated information.
  • Detailed ad hoc reporting capabilities.

See the savings for yourself. Visit our return on investment (ROI) page
Click here to download a free evaluation copy of PowerFlex Software

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